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Tulsa Town Hall After Dark is an evening event that features the same world-class speaker as the next day’s presentation, only in a smaller, more intimate setting. It’s a great chance to reach members of our community who are unable to attend our regular daytime lecture series. We hope you will take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to make an impact and bring this incredible event to life.

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Experience the fascinating world of space archeology

This year, Tulsa Town Hall After Dark features Dr. Sarah Parcak, space archeologist, Egyptologist, and satellite imagery pioneer. Her enthusiasm and research have captivated audiences on National Geographic, BBC, and more. Using a new technology, she has identified thousands of undiscovered archaeological sites across the globe. As the recipient of the $1M TED Talk prize, she used her winnings to develop GlobalXplorer, an online platform that allows citizen-scientists to search for lost civilizations.

A hundred years ago, archaeology was for the rich. Fifty years ago, it was for men. But we are expanding it to the world. Everyone in the world can make a contribution to science.
— Sarah Parcak

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